Indiana Local Charged with Multiple Crimes in Five States, Including Auto Glass Fraud

by Windshield Replacement Phoenix on September 22, 2011

Tuan Anh Chu, an Indianapolis native, is currently being charged with multiple crimes in no less than five states following what news media are calling a crime spree.  Chu was recently arrested last Thursday evening in Clarksville and was charged on the 20th of September with robbery.

Workers at a Clarksville store, the Bass Pro Shop, had been notified via a security department that Chu had already accomplished several thefts from stores in five states.  The employees were thus alerted in advance of Chu’s background by that report, and were also informed there of the standard modus operandi of the perpetrator.  The scheme had it that the robberies would be preceded by a Caucasian woman with long hair entering a store, then giving the go-signal for Chu to come in as well, after which Chu would open the register.  Apparently, Chu lived up to the described plot and did this at the store, which employees were quick to notice.  A pair of them attempted to prevent him from leaving when he tried to make off with the cash, but Chu shrugged them off and fled.  The local police were the ones responsible for finally apprehending him, and they found money both in his pocket and under his body at the time of arrest.  $251 was found in his pocket, with a little under two hundred more dollars being situated under him.

It was discovered later that Chu had actually been out on bond and was awaiting trial for other alleged crimes.  One of the more sinister accusations has it that Chu apparently ran several auto glass repair businesses—actually only one business, but labelling it with varying names—from his home without a registered retail merchant’s certificate from Indiana.  Several crimes were related to his activities here, including the allegations that Chu did not collect the required sales tax for the auto glass repair work he did.  Some receipts showed him overcharging customers by stipulating a 9 percent tax instead of the actual 7 specified by law, and then going on to keep it for himself, not remitting the amount to the state.  Even worse, Chu was also accused of having sabotaged others’ cars in an effort to drum up more business: accusations were lodged against him alleging that he secretly broke car windows in the area, then followed up by coming to the affected car owners and offering them auto glass repair services.  This is clearly a litany of bad practices if ever there were one.  Chu has had other convictions, including ones for auto theft, battery, and criminal mischief.  Chu’s trial is arranged to be on the 16th of November and shall be held in Marion County’s Criminal Superior Court 3.

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