Utah Auto Glass Repair Shop Helps Recondition Donated Minivan for Local Family

by Windshield Replacement Phoenix on December 22, 2011

An auto glass repair shop, ABRA Auto Body & Glass, was one of the participating shops for the Recycle Rides program run by the National Auto Body Council.  The goal of the program is to produce one car each year for a donation to a selected family in the United States that is in great need of transportation but does not have it.  Participating shops either make donations to the cause in the form of cash for the project or donate their actual services and expertise, helping to repair the selected car and get it to the proper condition for use by a family.

The auto glass repair brand ABRA regularly participates in this program and helps significantly in the reconditioning of the donated vehicle.  The vehicle that was donated this year was a minivan.  Minivans are typically selected for the program because of the logistics behind most of the needy families, which often have been selected due to having quite a few children with complicated health issues that require special transport.

Special transport is a major issue in many countries today besides the US.  A lot of public vehicles available for commuters are not exactly as friendly as they could be to those who are differently-able, and this means that it is significantly harder for some to get around our cities compared to the rest.  While some parents can afford to pay for special facilities or cars for their children so affected, not all can—and with the economy the way it is at the moment, that issue is becoming more and more serious.

The family to which the vehicle was donated this year was the Rivera family.   They have three children, two of which were born with myelomeningocele.  Since the children have special treatments to attend due to this complication, the family also has to make regular trips to see the doctor each month.

The participating shops in the program put together a car that would make these trips as well as other ones easier for the Riveras.  This meant including details such as extra seats in the automobile for the children’s comfort and safety.  The Riveras were interviewed about the donation and expressed their thanks to the people who had made the donation possible, emphasizing how much the donation would help their family.  The mother of the children also spoke about how important it was to finally get private transportation, given that it was already in the winter season.

The auto glass repair and body work company ABRA was not alone in its work of putting together the donated vehicle, with other well-known donors and participants being Safe Kids Utah, Costco, Primary Children’s Medical Center, and others.


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