Ford Motors Introduces New Technology for Attaching Windshield Auto Glass

by Windshield Replacement Phoenix on November 26, 2011

Windshield ReplacementThe Ford Motor Company has just announced that it is going to be introducing a new way of attaching windshield auto glass to the car body’s frame.  The new attachment method has already been patented and is a truly new process.  Ford stated that the move to the new technology was partly to make the company’s production line more environmentally friendly, as the new method is allegedly more Eco-conscious when compared to the prevailing method.

The new method for attaching windshield auto glass is also going to be cheaper, it seems, at least where auto manufacturers are concerned.  One of the Ford Motor Company’s technical experts on research and company innovation, Larry Haack, noted that the new process was very desirable for the automotive manufacturer because of the myriad benefits it was promising on various fronts.  Haack claimed that the cuts in production costs that the new technology would be permitting lay in the materials and labor going into the auto maker’s production line.

Apparently, the new technology is going to require lower material input compared to the older techniques.  Furthermore, Haack also stated that the technology was far simpler to implement, which would translate to more streamlined, less labor-intensive production for the company’s manufactures.  Finally, Haack talked about the lower use of potentially harmful chemicals such as VOCs, which would be sure to improve the company’s impact on the environment.

The automotive maker has recently shown other innovations in its production lines besides this new attachment method for auto glass.  For example, this same month, it was seen touting a new tech that permitted its cars to send communications to each other by means of the latest wireless technologies, such as GPS and Wi-Fi.  The communication was said to be two-way, and was actually designed to help save lives on the roads.

The technology worked by having cars communicate with each other on the road to permit vehicles to be more aware of where other cars are.  This can help greatly with low visibility conditions, situations where drivers are distracted or unable to check for other vehicles near them in a pinch, and the like.  With winter coming in for many countries, low visibility during regular road hours is fast becoming a serious issue, with more collisions and accidents happening during dusk because night hours come on faster and catch people on the commute or on their way back home from work.   Technology that permits cars to “sense” each other’s location is certainly welcome in the face of such concerns. The company’s officials said that this, along with the latest auto glass attachment technology it has just announced, are all aimed towards improving both company performance and consumer experiences.


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